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Co-founder &

Managing Partner

An energetic and engaged business leader, Joel Landau is the co-founder and managing director of Pinta Capital Partners, an equity firm that aims to provide lasting value to its network of investors and the healthcare establishments in which it invests.

Landau has a proven success record in creating companies that improve both healthcare delivery and insurance processes for health plans, their members, and their provider partners.

Alongside David Harrington, a highly experienced healthcare executive who shared in his vision, Joel Landau formed Pinta Capital Partners in 2012. The group seeks ventures that serve New York City’s neediest populations, including the chronically ill, the elderly, and the disabled.

Pinta Capital Partners harvests advances in medicine and technology and takes a holistic approach to healthcare delivery. The equity firm has three key major goals: greater access for all patients, higher quality of life, and more cost-effective care. Working towards these goals benefits both the target populations and the healthcare establishments alike.

Landau is adept at identifying gaps in the healthcare system and devising value-added products that are timely. Since founding Pinta Capital Partners, he’s developed a number of companies. One, AlphaCare of New York was sold to Magellan Health Services, a nationally, publicly traded healthcare company.

Joel Landau’s interest in the healthcare industry began when he was caretaking his grandfather. His efforts to help his family drew his attention to troubling deficiencies in eldercare. He found that local nursing homes sorely lacked the resources their residents needed to live happy and comfortable lives.

Inspired to effect change, he founded The Allure Group, which transforms nursing homes into post-acute rehabilitation centers that are attentive to the needs of residents when it comes to their health, comfort, culture, and quality of life. The Allure Group rehabilitation centers cater to the unique needs of the community in which it serves, reflecting Joel Landau’s commitment to a holistic approach to the business of healthcare. For example, the Longevity Garden Program at Hamilton Park Nursing and Rehabilitation Center accommodates the needs of the expanding, local Chinese population in Brooklyn. The program employs Mandarin-speaking nurses, offers a Chinese menu, and provides family trips and visits.

Pinta Capital Partners brings Joel Landau’s vision and motto to life by forging strong partnerships to maximize healthcare outcomes. Through Pinta Capital Partners, Landau has created a network of like-minded individuals, businesses and investors. Focusing on early and mid-stage companies, Pinta Capital Partners works to enhance institutions and implement meaningful improvements without starting from scratch.