Joel Landau

Joel Landau

Managing Partner

Joel Landau founded Pinta Capital Partners in 2012, a private equity firm that partners with healthcare leaders and operators to drive value and help businesses achieve their full potential.

Joel’s interest in healthcare first began when he was helping take care of a close family member. He quickly realized the gaps in care and inefficiencies surrounding the healthcare system, most specifically in senior care. Inspired to effect change, Joel has dedicated the past two decades of his career to transform healthcare.

He founded and is the Chairman of The Allure Group, a Brooklyn-based chain of Advanced Recovery Centers that specializes in subacute rehabilitation, skilled nursing care, and long-term placement. The Allure Group caters to the unique needs of the community in which it serves, reflecting Joel’s commitment to a holistic approach to the business of healthcare.

At Pinta, Joel continues to focus on the future of healthcare services by investing, partnering, and growing healthcare companies that can provide greater access for all patients, deliver a higher quality of life, and more cost-effective care.

Joel also shares his expertise and experience through several board of director positions and supports several non-profit initiatives through his philanthropy and time.

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